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Truc Bach Lake Hanoi

Truc Bach (White Silk) Lake is separated from Ho Tay by D Thanh Nien, which is lined with name trees. During the 18th century, the Trinh lords built a palace on this site; it was later transformed into a reformatory for deviant royal concubines, who were condemned to weave a very fine white silk.

The Quan Thanh Temple (Den Quan Thanh) is on the shore of Truc Bach Lake near the intersection of D Thanh Nein and Pho Quan Thanh (see Central Hanoi map). The temple, shaded by huge trees, was established during the Ly Dynasty (1010 to 1225) and was dedicated to Tran Vo (God of the North), whose symbols of power are the tortoise and the snake. A bronze statue and bell here date from 1677.