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Tay Dang Communal House Hanoi

The Tay Dang Communal House was built in the late 16th century in the Ba Vi District. It features five main rooms, four roofs and 48 columns. The top of each column is decorated with pictures of dragons, unicorns, turtles ans phoenixes made of dark brown terra-cotta. Wooden components of the communal house include beams and rafters carved in diiferent shapes.

The main characteristic of the Tay Dang Communal House is the role played by sculptures in the architectural style of the building. The carved scenes illustrating the daily life of 16th century villagers are impressive. Besides its unique wooden architectural value, the Tay Dang Communal House is where people worship Tan Vien Son Tinh, a legendary hero who was supposedly able to control nature.