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    Quan Su Temple Hanoi

    Quan Su Temple was built in the 15th century under the Le dynasty. At that time there was no Buddhist temple here but some cottages used as a place of worship. According to Hoang Le nhat thong chi, during Emperor Le The Tong’s reign, Chiem Thanh (Champa), Ai Lao (Laos) usually sent ambassadors to offer tributes to Dai Viet (official name of Viet Nam under the Le Dynasty). The Emperor ordered to construct a building called Quan Su (Embassy) to receive foreign ambassadors to Thang Long. Because those ambassadors were all Buddhist, they decided to build a temple on the premises for worship. Today only the temple remains.

    According to Doctor Le Duy Trung’s essay carved on the 1855 stele, the temple was close to Hau Quan Base in the early years of Gia Long Era (1802-1819). In 1822, the temple was renovated so that the local residents could practise worship here. When the troops withdrew, the temple was returned to the villagers. Monk Thanh Phuong, who hosted the temple then, had corridors built, statues painted, bell made. The front palace is dedicated to the Buddha and the rear palace is delicate to Master Minh Khong of the Ly dynasty.

    In 1934, the General Buddhist Society of Tonkin was founded, Quan Su Temple was chosen as its headquarters. In 1942, the temple was reconstructed in accordance with the design of architects Nguyen Ngoc Ngoan and Nguyen Xuan Tung, passed by First Master Vinh Nghiem.