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    Chuong Conical Hat

    This small village, 40 kilometres on the west of central Hanoi, has maintained its reputation for over three centuries. Just like Van Phuc villagers with their fine silks, Chuong people have their own pride for the famous Non. In the old time, the Vietnamese wore the conical hats to hide the rain and the sun. The conical hats fabricated with a bamboo frame and covered by leaf. Each household of Chuong village can produce the conical hat. The materials are simple: leaves for covering; bamboo for the frame, rattan strings and now the industrial thread, some rattans to fabricate the frame. Although it is such simple only, a white leaf conical with roll and equal thread line require a talent producer.

    There are various kinds of conical hat, thick, solid or thin, elegant. In the old time, there were hats with silk tasseled trap, bamboo hat worn by Buddhist monks, by soldiers.

    Chuong hats are different from hats of other provinces which are revolved only two times, with the second being in a reverse direction, Chuong village’s hats are revolved three times, two times with white palm and once with bamboo cataphyll. Thank to the addition layer of bamboo cataphyll, Chuong hats are more solid and durable.

    In the late half of 20th century, the flat-top hat was gradually replaced by the cone-shape, just as change has affected the basic ingredient; the palm leave. A new material, lui leaves from Nghe Tinh and Quang Binh province, make each Non Chuong lighter, and therefore more elegant.