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    Ba Vi National Park Hanoi

    Ba Vi National Park is centred around scenic Ba Vi Mountain (Nui Ba Vi) and attracts Hanoi expats looking for a Sunday escape from the city. The park has over 2000 flowering plants, 12 of which have been classified as rare and precious – so please don’t pick any of the flowers or plants. There are also reportedly 12 species of mammal living in the park but human encroachment on the area has made the chances of seeing any of them pretty rare.

    There are hiking opportunities through the forested slopes of the mountain and anyone who climbs up to the summit will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Red River valley from the summit (elevation 1287m).

    The Ba Vi Guesthouse in the park rents fan rooms with bath for US$6, or US$8 with air-con. Prices go up about US$2 per room on weekends.

    Warning: you must have your passport with you to check into the guesthouse here; one traveller we met was sent back to Hanoi because he had forgotten to bring it along.

    Ba Vi National Park is about 65km west of Hanoi Capital. Contact Hands pan VN Tours or Viet Vision Travel Tours (see the list of travel agents earlier in this chapter) for informal ion and current tour programs.